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Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited wants to be YOUR CONSERVATION ORGANIZATION!
Please feel free to contact those listed below with any questions or comments:

Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited

Wisconsin State Volunteers

State Chairman - Glenn Goergen
glenn.n.goergen@gmail.com or 414-416-5351  

Council Chair – Jim Gronowski
grono@charter.net or 920-210-5100

Treasurer – Jeff Maletzke
jeff.maletzke@aecom.com or 920-698-6353

Major Donor – Bob Spoerl
bspoerl@generalbeer.com or 715-258-4807

Sponsor – Mike Ptaschinski              
Michael.Ptaschinski@ipaper.com  or 920-210-8866

Youth and Education – Bing Teage  
hoduck@charter.net or 715-282-5449

Mentor Hunts – Mark Kakatch
markd.kakatsch@twcable.com or 414-688-8936

Recruitment – Rich Diaz
richard.diaz@teldta.com or 608-664-8328

Policy – Nels Swenson
nelly_1950@hotmail.com or 608-712-3347

Communication – Bruce Deadman    
Website – Scott Jurk
   sjjurk@gmail.com or 414-339-6531
Newsletter – Bruce Deadman
     bdeadman@dkattorneys.com or 920-864-1491

Calendar – Craig Witte
craig.witte@associatedbank.com  or 262-689-6371

Regional Volunteers

Flyway Senior Vice President
Lee Ness- WI, MN, and MI

lness@mnduckscolunteer.org or 651-257-6413

Flyway Regional Vice President
Bing Taege- WI, MN and MI

hoduck@charter.net or 715-282-5449

Flyway Regional Vice President
David Flink- WI-MN and MI

dflink@mnducksvolunteer.org or 320-587-1427

Ducks Unlimited National

Regional Directors:

Chris Anderson- North Central
canderson@ducks.org or 920-826-2099

Mike Brumley- South Central
mbrumley@ducks.org or 920-748-6878

Mike Dvorak – NW WI and NE MN
mdvorak@ducks.org or 612-805-9656

Tim Grunewald – Southwest WI
tgrunewald@ducks.org or 608-643-3535

Steve Kresl – Northeast WI and UP
skresl@ducks.org or 715-477-2508

John Marks – West central and SE MN
jmarks@ducks.org or 612-418-8964

Tom Munich – Southeast
tmunich@ducks.org or 262-965-3700

Regional Staff

Director of Fundraising and Volunteer Relations
Bret Plasters- WI, MN and MI

bplasters@ducks.org or (810) 652-6300

Managing Director of Development
Todd Bishop- Great Lakes Region

tbishop@ducks.org or 734-623-2012

Director of Gift Planning
Sarah McCallum – Great Lakes Region

smccallum@ducks.org or 734-623-2031

Manager of Conservation Programs
Jason Hill- Wisconsin and Michigan

jhill@ducks.org or 734-623-2000

Wisconsin State Staff

Director of Development – Steve Kass
skass@ducks.org or 414-254-1750

Wisconsin Biologist – Brian Glenzinski
bglenzinski@ducks.org or 608-221-1206 ext 12

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